When you stay in a Green Service Apartment, you get much more than hotel room. For around the same rate you would pay for a hotel room, you can have your own furnished apartment with a lounge, kitchenette and bedroom and still get the daily service you would in a hotel.

Why use a Relocation service?
Relocating can put the whole family under huge stress as well as diminish work productivity, besides incurring exorbitant costs. The service provider has the expertise in minimizing stress, coordinating a smooth and successful move and reducing many associated costs.

The benefits of using our service.
Our efficient professional service is friendly and thorough. Most of our apartments are located in prime locations and are within walking distance from Business centers, malls, shops and clubs.

We believe in providing you a conveniently located, pleasant,comfortable, safe and home-like ambience. We look forward to an opportunity to meet you and further discuss the options that can be considered.